A culture of quality. Black on white.

The installation of photovoltaic systems exposed to the elements on roofs or in open fields creates an array of climate and weather-related hazards. Which is why exhaustive specifications and appropriate safety precautions have to be observed right from the planning phase.

Quality from experience

Decades of experience in meeting the highly technical requirements of complex systems from the planning to the installation phases has enabled us to deliver qualified and proven solutions.

Quality from conviction

Standardised testing procedures and rigorous product inspection processes based on detailed instructions mean we can guarantee real quality solutions and product safety, even under the most adverse of conditions. This is achieved through constant control, accreditation/certification and continuous development.

These are the cornerstones of a sophisticated and exemplary quality management structure embedded in our own tradition of quality culture and approach:

  • Our mounting system for photovoltaic systems is tested and certified in accordance with TÜV Spec. TZE/2.572.11
  • Our manufacturing plants and branch offices are certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001
  • Our solutions satisfy the requirements stipulated by DIN 1055, DIN 18800 and Eurocodes
  • Tests are carried out at our own in-house testing facilities