Know-how and expertise. From A to Z.

For decades, the PUK group has been a leading provider of technical equipment and services in the energy industry. We deliver sophisticated product solutions and reliable engineering services to clients in 11 countries around the globe from our centre of competence PUK Solar GmbH and Co. KG in Germany and from PUK SOLAR San. ve Tic. A. Ş in Turkey, even at short notice.

From experience. A one stop shop.

PUK Solar supplies an array of services ranging from consultation, planning, production and logistics, through ramming and foundation work, to installing mounting frames, panels and modules.

During the planning process we calculate individual stress profiles and perform statics checks with great care and precision for photovoltaic systems of all sizes.

All the supports, long and cross beams, diagonal struts and end clamps made from hot-dip galvanised steel at the manufacturing bases in Berlin and Schönecken have a shelf life of at least 25 years. Which means PUK solar products are exceptionally robust, durable and corrosion resistant.

One system. Many options.

Our mounting system has a number of advantages: it is statically optimised and tested, simple in construction, inexpensive, and easy to install. Our system is suitable for use with framed crystalline modules, thin film glass modules, and also full size modules with bonded back rails. All this allows PUK Solar to deliver a mounting system that complies with DIN standard 1055 as well as the Eurocodes – statically optimised for single, double and multi row arrangements.

Safety for your project.

  • Extensive know-how and years of experience 
  • Certified solutions in a variety of global projects of all sizes 
  • Needs-specific engineering services 
  • Software-supported dimensioning 
  • Rapid production of all the required components 
  • Delivery of large amounts of materials 
  • Installation of complex systems 
  • Experienced project management team with site manager

Dimensioning and structural certification

First of all, the customer records the installation-specific parameters on the construction planning data sheet. Then in just 4 software-supported steps our engineers get the results for the best possible solution with the least material and labour input. Even regional wind and rain parameters are taken into account, so we can provide statics Europewide.

Step 1: Gather and input project data
Step 2: Determine geographic location
Step 3: Select module and arrangement
Step 4: Select mounting frame