Calculated perfection. And maximum efficiency.

With PUK Solar you don´t just get to work with an experienced and accomplished company – you also get the security of having opted for a structurally tested and economically optimised mounting system.

Software for a variety of scenarios – and perfect solutions.

PUK Solar has the experience and digital know-how to perform a statics analysis for every type of base frame. Our own proprietary software enables dimensioning in acordance with DIN 1055, DIN 18800, Eurocodes, and with our own wind load tests.

The advantage over traditional methods of calculation.

In just 4 steps our engineers get the results for the best possible construction solution with the least material and labour input. Even regional wind and snowfall parameters are taken into account, so we can provide statics analyses Europewide.

Step 1: Gather and input project data
Step 2: Determine geographic location
Step 3: Select module and arrangement
Step 4: Select frame type