East-west solar park in Freyburg

PUK-Solar solar park in Freyburg

This solar park in Freyburg, Saxony-Anhalt is one of several east-west installations PUK-Solar has designed and built in the last several months. This project, with a capacity of almost 1 MW, was completed in December 2012, after only six weeks of construction.

The park’s support system is a perfect example of PUK’s efficient construction components that optimise structural integrity and minimise costs. The conventional southwardly oriented double supports were replaced with a middle support and supports aligned to the east and west. PUK-Solar’s innovative engineering made one complete stanchion obsolete.

This project highlights yet another advantage of our mounting system. The solar park’s location slopes steeply to both the east and the south. Nevertheless, our systems were installed easily and smoothly. As the rows of elongated holes on our profiles offer excellent adjustability, no additional parts were needed.