Northwards - PUK Solar supplies first projects in Sweden

PUK Solar further expanded its activities in the Scandinavian countries providing mounting systems for two projects in Sweden. Thereby, a total installed capacity of around 6.3 MWp was achieved.

To the limit

The particular challenge of the first of the two projects was the exceptional location. Only 93 km from the Arctic Circle, the world's northernmost solar power plant was built in Lulea not far from the Finnish border. These special circumstances lead to special demands on the modules and mounting systems. Bifacial thin-film modules fabricated by Trina were used to obtain the maximum output from the relatively low level of solar radiation. The total output is 0.734 MWp. PUK-Solar supplied a frame design that does not cover the bottom side of the panels. With the successful realization of the project in Lulea in the summer of 2018, a second project in Sweden could be won at the same time.


Size is not an obstacle

The construction phase for the largest open space plant in Sweden near Gothenburg began immediately afterwards. Not far from Säve Airport, 11 hectares of land were fitted with solar panels. The installed capacity of around 5,000 kWp is capable of covering the average energy requirements of around 1,100 households. PUK-Solar supplied and installed the substructures for this plant and thus played a decisive role in the timely and satisfactory completion of the plant.

The company is very pleased with the positive development in new markets. Discussions on follow-up orders have already begun.